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MMP and TIMP temporal gene expression during osteocytogenesis

Prideaux, M; Staines, K A; Jones, E R; Riley, G P; Pitsillides, A A; Farquharson, C


M Prideaux

K A Staines

E R Jones

G P Riley

A A Pitsillides

C Farquharson


Osteocytes within bone differentiate from osteoblast precursors which reside in a mineralised extracellular matrix (ECM). Fully differentiated osteocytes are critical for bone development and function but the factors that regulate this differentiation process are unknown. The enzymes primarily responsible for ECM remodelling are matrix metalloproteinases (MMP); however, the expression and role of MMPs during osteocytogenesis is undefined. Here we used MLO-A5 cells to determine the temporal gene expressions of the MMP family and their endogenous inhibitors ā€“ tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) during osteocytogenesis. RT-qPCR revealed expression of 14 Mmps and 3 Timps in MLO-A5 cells. Mmp2, Mmp23 and Mmp28 were decreased concurrent with mineralisation onset (Pā€‰


Prideaux, M., Staines, K. A., Jones, E. R., Riley, G. P., Pitsillides, A. A., & Farquharson, C. (in press). MMP and TIMP temporal gene expression during osteocytogenesis. Gene Expression Patterns, 18(1-2), 29-36.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Apr 27, 2015
Deposit Date May 24, 2015
Journal Gene Expression Patterns
Print ISSN 1567-133X
Publisher Elsevier
Volume 18
Issue 1-2
Pages 29-36
Public URL