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Reproduction, Events and Management: Mating Management: Fertility

Wathes, D C; Diskin, M G


D C Wathes

M G Diskin


Herd fertility is a major factor affecting the production and economic efficiency of the dairy industry. This encompasses (1) the interval from calving to resumption of estrous cycles, (2) estrous detection, and (3) conception rate following service. Postpartum negative energy balance, dry matter intake, and disease all have major influences on fertility. Technological aids can contribute to improved estrous detection efficiency. Embryo losses mainly in the first 2 months after insemination are major contributors to prolonging calving intervals. More balanced breeding strategies incorporating genomic technologies with greater emphasis on fertility and health traits should be utilized by producers.


Wathes, D. C., & Diskin, M. G. Reproduction, Events and Management: Mating Management: Fertility. .

Deposit Date Jan 7, 2016
Pages 1-11
ISBN 9780081005965
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