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WSAVA Therapeutic Guidelines

Steagall, P V; Pelligand, L; Page, S W; Bourgeois, M; Weese, S; Manigot, G; Dublin, D; Ferreira, J P; Guardabassi, L


P V Steagall

L Pelligand

S W Page

M Bourgeois

S Weese

G Manigot

D Dublin

J P Ferreira

L Guardabassi


This list of essential medicines is presented by members of the WSAVA Therapeutic Guidelines Group (TGG) following extensive internal and external peer‐review. Internal peer‐review was provided by TGG members and its subcommittees, whereas external peer‐review was performed by board‐certified individuals and other WSAVA working/guideline groups. The first draft of this document was presented at the WSAVA annual meeting in Toronto (2019) followed by a three‐month audit during which WSAVA member affiliates were asked to provide comments, suggestions and overall feedback. These were then carefully considered by the TGG. The final list is a product of several rounds of revision and based on expert consensus.

This list of essential medicines should allow veterinarians to provide proper preventive care and treatment of the most frequent and important diseases in dogs and cats while maintaining appropriate animal welfare standards. The purpose of the list is to improve and facilitate regulatory oversight for ensuring appropriate medicines availability, drug quality, use and pharmacovigilance, while mitigating the growing black/counterfeit market of pharmaceutical products. The list of essential medicines is not intended to define what medicines should be always available within the clinic/hospital; rather that veterinarians should have ready access to these (medicines) if required for the prevention and treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Additionally, the committee understands that there is no “one‐size fits all” and that there may be specific medicines used for endemic/epidemic diseases in some countries that the list does not cover. For example, the essential antimicrobials were defined as those medicines that are recommended as first line agents for treatment of at least one common disease condition.


Steagall, P. V., Pelligand, L., Page, S. W., Bourgeois, M., Weese, S., Manigot, G., …Guardabassi, L. (2020). WSAVA Therapeutic Guidelines. Journal of Small Animal Practice

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Publication Date Jun 16, 2020
Deposit Date Sep 11, 2020
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