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Comparative genomic analysis of six Glossina genomes, vectors of African trypanosomes

Attardo, G M; Abd-Alla, A M M; Acosta-Serrano, A; Allen, J E; Bateta, R; Benoit, J B; Bourtzis, K; Caers, J; Caljon, G; Christensen, M B; Farrow, D W; Friedrich, M; Hua-Van, A; Jennings, E C; Larkin, D M; Lawson, D; Lehane, M J; Lenis, V P; Lowy-Gallego, E; Macharia, R W; Malacrida, A R; Marco, H G; Masiga, D; Maslen, G L; Matetovici, I; Meisel, R P; Meki, I; Michalkova, V; Miller, W J; Minx, P; Mireji, P O; Ometto, L; Parker, A G; Rio, R; Rose, C; Rosendale, A J; Rota-Stabelli, O; Savini, G; Schoofs, L; Scolari, F; Swain, M T; Takác, P; Tomlinson, C; Tsiamis, G; Van Den Abbeele, J; Vigneron, A; Wang, J; Warren, W C; Waterhouse, R M; Weirauch, M T; Weiss, B L; Wilson, R K; Zhao, X; Aksoy, S


G M Attardo

A M M Abd-Alla

A Acosta-Serrano

J E Allen

R Bateta

J B Benoit

K Bourtzis

J Caers

G Caljon

M B Christensen

D W Farrow

M Friedrich

A Hua-Van

E C Jennings

D M Larkin

D Lawson

M J Lehane

V P Lenis

E Lowy-Gallego

R W Macharia

A R Malacrida

H G Marco

D Masiga

G L Maslen

I Matetovici

R P Meisel

I Meki

V Michalkova

W J Miller

P Minx

P O Mireji

L Ometto

A G Parker

R Rio

C Rose

A J Rosendale

O Rota-Stabelli

G Savini

L Schoofs

F Scolari

M T Swain

P Takác

C Tomlinson

G Tsiamis

J Van Den Abbeele

A Vigneron

J Wang

W C Warren

R M Waterhouse

M T Weirauch

B L Weiss

R K Wilson

X Zhao

S Aksoy


Tsetse flies (Glossina sp.) are the vectors of human and animal trypanosomiasis throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Tsetse flies are distinguished from other Diptera by unique adaptations, including lactation and the birthing of live young (obligate viviparity), a vertebrate blood-specific diet by both sexes, and obligate bacterial symbiosis. This work describes the comparative analysis of six Glossina genomes representing three sub-genera: Morsitans (G. morsitans morsitans, G. pallidipes, G. austeni), Palpalis (G. palpalis, G. fuscipes), and Fusca (G. brevipalpis) which represent different habitats, host preferences, and vectorial capacity.


Attardo, G. M., Abd-Alla, A. M. M., Acosta-Serrano, A., Allen, J. E., Bateta, R., Benoit, J. B., …Aksoy, S. (2019). Comparative genomic analysis of six Glossina genomes, vectors of African trypanosomes. Genome Biology, 20, 187.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Jul 22, 2019
Publication Date Sep 2, 2019
Deposit Date Sep 4, 2019
Publicly Available Date Sep 4, 2019
Journal Genome Biology
Print ISSN 1474-760X
Publisher BioMed Central
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 20
Pages 187
Public URL


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